Fort Drum's iconic mountaineer statue upright again

A photo of the restored "Climb to Glory" statue.

The 10th Mountain Division's iconic statue is upright again a week after high winds toppled the monument located in a park at Fort Drum in northern New York.

Officials at the Army post say workers reconnected the 18-foot-tall Military Mountaineers Monument to its base Thursday afternoon.

The 1,800-pound sculpture known as "Climb To Glory" was knocked over late on the night of Nov. 6 when it was hit by a tent dislodged by high winds. The tent had been sent up for a Veterans Day ceremony the following day.

Fort Drum official say the sculpture sustained minimal damage because it landed on a thick bed of mulch.

The statue was installed in 1991. It depicts a World War II soldier using a rope to assist a climbing 10th Mountain soldier outfitted in modern gear.