Four Georgia men arrested for counterfeit check scam in Onondaga, Oswego Counties

Four men from the Atlanta, Georgia area are arrested in Central New York, accused of forging and cashing counterfeit checks from local businesses, totaling tens of thousands of dollars.

Police think this group could be behind several instances of counterfeit checks being cashed across Onondaga and Oswego Counties in the last month.

Most recently, DeWitt Police were called to the M&T Bank on Erie Boulevard Tuesday morning for a report that a man was trying to cash a counterfeit check in the name of a local commercial business.

An investigation brought detectives to various hotels in the Carrier Circle area, where they arrested 20-year-old Jacob Jones of Atlanta, 22-year-old Laponcio Ross of Atlanta, 27-year-old Travis "Cory" Odom of Atlanta, and 21-year-old Edward Hines of College Park, GA.

All suspects face charges of criminal possession of a forged instrument. Ross and Jones also face attempted grand larceny charges.

Furthermore, investigators found Odom, who faces an additional charge of conspiracy, was wanted as a federal fugitive on accusations of fraud in Kansas City, Missouri.

Investigators say the men were involved in a scheme where they would steal checks from commercial businesses, and forge monetary amounts.

The group is believed to have found people, asking them to go cash the checks at various banks, and bring the money back to the men.

Detectives think the men may be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in thefts across Central New York, and possibly elsewhere.

Right now, the four men are in the Onondaga County Jail on at least $100,000 bail and $200,000 bond each.

DeWitt Police have been working with Syracuse Police in their ongoing investigation. Additional charges and arrests are expected.