Four Seasons gears up for the start of ski season

Tubers at Four Seasons Golf and Ski Center


our Seasons is gearing up for the ski season.

Sylvia Chick and Bobby Galusha were out tubing on Sunday afternoon. "I like going fast and it's a nice place to hang out with friends," says Chick. "It was cool cuz it's the wind in your face and stuff," says Galusha.

The center is already offering tubing, but will be welcoming skiers and snowboarders next weekend.

Todd Frocione was flying down the slopes at Four Seasons as well. "It's pretty exhilarating, the speed that you come down on the second part of the hill is pretty exciting," says Frocione.

Four Seasons has seen at least 6 inches of snow in the last 48 hours. A snowfall they're thankful for, given last season's warm weather and poor turnout to the slopes.

John Goodfellow is the owner at Four Seasons. "It's a blessing, oh yeah. It gives us a chance to get everybody ramped up, some of our new employees, Fortunately we've had most of our employees from last year came back and we got a lot more starting this week, so this is a big time of year for us," says Goodfellow.

After seeing all this snow fall here at Four Seasons, there's a lot of excitement building here as just about everyone is anticipating the opening of the ski lift next weekend.

"I'm excited, like we were all gonna go skiing and we realized that it wasn't open so we just went tubing so I'll be really happy when it opens up," says Galusha.

Four Seasons avoids opening its lift earlier, because it serves younger and newer skiers who are busy with school, until they get out for winter break.

Bill Hane is the Operations Manager with Four Seasons. "Most people, it's after Christmas once things settle down, then they're ready to do more activities," says Hane.

With bigger crowds expected to come, bigger business comes right along with it.

"It goes from zero to a hundred miles an hour overnight, yep. Snowfall like this get everybody out there," says Goodfellow.

Excitement at Four Seasons as snow lovers look forward to the start of ski season.