Four Seasons Ski Center teams up with Mother Nature to make snow

Four Seasons makes snow in preparation for opening on December 26th.

Once brown and green, Central New York's landscape turned white on Saturday morning, much to winter enthusiast's delight.

Places like Four Seasons Ski Center have been waiting for a snowfall like this one, not just to give them a few extra flakes to put on their hill, but to get skiers and snowboarders thinking 'winter' once again.

"The biggest thing is that the public thinks, 'Ah geez they don't have any snow they're not going to have any,'" Bill Hane, Operations Manager at Four Seasons, says. "Now they see it, now they're starting to come out...making phone calls, making plans for lessons and such."

Hane says because major snowfall and cold temperatures came so late in December this year, sales have been slow, and only recently, as the temperatures have dropped, people are starting to think about renting and getting lessons once again.

While a few inches dropped on Central New York overnight on Friday, Hane says temperatures were also just cold enough for them to start making snow once again. The machines were churning out snow all day on Saturday, building up both the tubing and ski hills. Hane says the tubing hill would need two to three feet of snow before it was open, and the ski hill would need six to eight inches for an enjoyable experience.

They hope to be up and running, with all slopes open by December 26th.