Freak accident kills one as deer sent airborne by car hits motorcyclist

A motorcyclist was killed Sunday when a nearby car hit a deer, sending it airborne and into the path of the motorcycle.

Madison County Sheriffâ??s Deputies say it happened around 5:33 a.m. on State Route 8 in the Town of Brookfield.

Investigators say 31-year-old Phurba Tamang, of Utica, was driving south on Route 8 when she hit a deer that entered the roadway from a cornfield.

The deer was sent airborne and hit a motorcycle driver heading north on Route 8. The motorcycle driver was ejected from his bike and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Deputies later identified the driver of the motorcycle as Cyle Chesebro, 49, of West Edmeston.

State Route 8 was closed until shortly after 11 a.m. Sunday.