Freezing, fires & full moons, a weather trifecta

The weather on this Good Friday may feature plenty of clear skies still, but conditions are anything but quiet. Central New York has a pair of concerns today and a celestial delight on the way!

Freeze warnings were in effect early Friday because of a spring chill. A combination of cool temperatures Thursday, a clear sky at night, and light winds allowed temperatures to fall into the 20s. Syracuse started the day at 27 degrees, 6 degrees off the normal number, but stayed well above record levels. I noticed portions of Chenango County as frigid as the upper teens, ouch! More cold will develop again tonight, into the 20s again, so expect to hear from us on additional freeze warnings.

The high pressure that is making for the cold is in part responsible for a heightened fire danger. The air is quite dry and breezy conditions will develop for the afternoon. This combination along with dry, dead brush from last year allows for any fires to spread quickly in fields. The National Weather Service has issued a Fire Weather Watch from 11am until 7pm Friday. They ask that you use extreme caution with any open burning or throwing of cigarette butts. A small fire could quickly get out of control with these conditions.

Rounding out the weather trifecta is the full moon taking place Friday evening. The full moon of April is known as the pink moon. This name comes from the herb moss pink which is one of the earliest widespread flowers of spring.

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