French fry fighting back: Should government tell kids what to eat at school?

The french fry is fighting back. It comes amid some bad publicity recently. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently proposed reducing the amount of potatoes and other starchy vegetables in school lunches. But now some in Congress are questioning the USDA's desire to limit spuds in schools.

Many of us, including our kids, love them. But french fries have been under attack by new school lunch rules, demonized by a popular television program and blamed for the nation's obesity epidemic. But some critics say the government shouldn't be telling children what to eat. That, they say, should be left up to parents. Others argue if parents don't do the job of offering fresh, healthy foods, someone has to do it.

And the attack on fast food doesn't end there. Just this week, the world's largest hamburger chain was asked to abandon its most famous spokesman. A letter to McDonald's ran in six newspapers, calling on the company to stop using the clown Ronald McDonald as a way to market their food to kids. The letter was signed by 500 health organizations and professionals.

In a statement, McDonalds says it cares about kids and is committed to responsible advertising and takes communicating to children very seriously. McDonalds also says Ronald is an "Ambassador for Good" and delivers messages about safety, literacy and balanced, active lifestyles."

Many of you have already been sounding off on this story on CNY Central's Facebook page.

Traci Cherubin says, "Working in a school kitchen that offers healthy foods to children, it's a shame to see so many kids not even recognize a fresh pear. Most of the healthy alternatives we offer end up in the trash. The gov't should focus on keeping jobs in America. Leave the parenting (teaching healthy lifestyles) to the parents."

Jessica Denney Kent agrees, saying, " is up to the parents on what there kids eat. Schools send home what is to eat so parents can look at that and if they do not want them to eat it they parents should provide lunch. The way things are now a days the government has enough to take care of."

But Tracey Joy Jones Reisch thinks, "many kids get free lunches and aren't given the option of a healthier lunch from home. For some kids, the breakfast and lunch they get at school is the only food they get that day. School lunches nationwide should go fresh and healthy, and then you wouldn't have 2nd graders weighing more than their teachers!"

BrandyandHoward Colburn believes, "if the gov't is running schools then it should be mandating schools to have a NO JUNK FOOD policy. it would help with the childhood obesity situation. Some kids/teens do not get offered healthy foods at home, so the school should at least be a place to eat healthy. All the sugar leads to bad behavior too."

Do you think the government should play a role in what's served in school cafeterias? Why or why not? Are you satisfied with the food your kids get at school? Do you think it needs to change? Leave your thoughts below.