Friends and classmates mourn the loss of Dylan Blair

Dylan Blair

On a two lane highway in Hannibal, flowers, candles and crosses are on the shoulder of Route 3. The messages written on the road side memorial next to the senior year picture of Dylan Blair only begin to express the emotion felt by friends and classmates.

Seth Delisle grew up playing hockey with Dylan. "It's different man, there's definitely a piece missing. He was friends with everybody, he always had a smile on his face. There's something missing now that he's gone," says Delisle.

Carson Vono goes to high school with Dylan. "(It's) strange to think that he's not there. Like I said I didn't know him real well, but he was still a part of our school and everyone's in mourning," says Vono.

At G. Ray Bodley High School, counselors were on hand to help students grieve and cope with this loss. The district says it will provide help to staff and students as long as it is needed.

Bill Lynch is the Superintendent of Fulton Schools. "Everybody's down, people want to be helpful but everyone's going through a grieving process of their own. We need to be respectful of that, especially for our students," says Lynch.

Dylan was supposed to graduate next Saturday. After high school, his friends say he wanted to use his education in auto tech services to work with cars. During a time of year which is typically filled with happiness and joy, this year's graduation ceremony will be filled with sadness and loss.

"It's just gonna be weird that he's not gonna walk across the stage with us at graduation, ya know?" says Vono.

"It's not gonna be a happy time, there's definitely going to be some sadness and mourning over this," says Delisle.

Dylan was a wide receiver for the Fulton Red Raiders. It's at the football field where he played all of his home games where friends and the community will remember him at a candle light vigil Thursday night at 7 o'clock.