Friends mourn death of Austin Elmore

Friends of Austin Elmore held a memorial Tuesday night.

Seniors at East Syracuse Minoa High School are grieving after news of classmate Austin Elmore's death Tuesday morning in a bicycle accident.

Friends constructed a memorial near the intersection of Fremont Road and Kirkville Road where the crash happened. They placed a cross and candles in the ground, and came with flowers, stuffed animals, and posters.

Several classmates remember Austin as a talented artist. "There was a portrait of him that he drew, and I thought it was a picture of him, like someone took a picture of him," said friend Allie Viscome. "But he drew it himself. It was really good."

Another classmate, Rebecca Dejohn, said Austin was "really artistic" and "wasn't afraid to be himself."

Friends also remembered Austin for his intellect and willingness to help others. "He's basically the reason I passed chemistry," said Belma Begzadic. "I was so bad at chemistry, but I worked with him for most of the labs and stuff. And he did not deserve to go - so sad."

The school district is now offering counseling services to students and staff at the high school.