Friends raising funds for Steuben St. murder victim, Corey Hill

Corey Hill, 33, shot and killed on Steuben St. on June 23, 2013.

One day after Corey Hill was laid to rest, his friends gather at their alma mater, Nottingham High School to remember a classmate police say was murdered.

Nottingham class of 1999 alumni, Brandiss Pearson, described Hill as a kind, caring friend who everyone loved.

"Corey was that smiling face in the hallway. Never had a bad word about anybody and not a bad word I can say about him," says Pearson.

Hill was shot and killed ten days ago while walking his friend to her home on Steuben Street.

Mariel Anderson says it was a shock when she heard the news.

"We're around the same age 33 and you don't think about that. You don't think that tomorrow I'm going to be walking someone home and then something bad is going to happen to me," says Anderson.

Police say he was making sure Tanya Alfred got home safe, when her estranged husband George Alfred shot Hill and kidnapped his ex-wife.

Friend Evelyn Dudek says Hill was known to take care of people and walk them home at the end of the night.

"He was the one who would make sure you get home safe every time and he died doing a good deed. He died being himself. This is who he was," says Dudek.

After hearing the tragic news, the class of 1999 at Nottingham High School got together and decided to raise money for the family and to build a memorial to Corey on campus.

Friend Alton Jovan Barnes says it's the least they can do for the heartbroken family.

"Were going to make sure these funds go to his family to show our love and appreciation for raising such a fine individual," says Barnes.

The memorial will be a tree and a plaque in his honor

just like where his friends sat Wednesday remembering their generous friend.

"He was just one of those who would give you the shirt off his back and you didn't even have to ask he would just volunteer himself," says Dudek.

To donate, visit this website.