Fright Nights At The Fair not afraid of growth

Shrieks and screams reverberated across the New York State Fairgrounds Saturday night, as hundreds attended Fright Nights at the Fair.

This year, Fright Nights added two new elements, "Hostel" modeled after the movie, and with authentic Hollywood props, and a "3D Dead Pirate House".

"We've got a 3D Dead Pirate House, you put the glasses on and you go through, it's really interesting," Grazi Zazzara, Fright Nights Promoter says. "And the other new one we have is Hostel right from the movie, we went to Universal Studios this year we bought a ton of props with them, all the real body parts, it's really a different kind of thing you're going to see here."

Both young and old appreciated all of the different attractions as Fright Nights continues to grow. It is open until the weekend of October 27th.