Frightening Fall: 80-year-old woman stuck in snow for 45 minutes

Lisa Jackson was shoveling the stairs outside her Central Square home Friday night when she heard a cry for help.

"I heard 'help me help me!' So I thought 'Oh my god! What was that?' I immediately threw my shovel down, jumped in my car, put it in reverse and headed up the hill," said Jackson.

A few houses up the road, her 80-year-old neighbor Virginia had slipped in her driveway. She couldn't get back up and was stranded laying in the snow, cold and scared, for 45 minutes.

"The look on her face when we reached out our hands to help her up was just amazing," said Jackson. "She was scared and wondering when is someone going to hear her?"

Right now, Virginia is recovering from some bumps and bruises and trying to warm up. Her son Bud says he's just happy someone came to the rescue to save his mom in time.

"I was very shocked, very concerned," said Bud Millis. "I just really want to thank them. It could have been much worse."

And it often is much worse when elderly people fall. Statistics from the CDC are alarming. One out of every three adults age 65 and older fall each year and as you grow older it gets more dangerous. More than half of the elderly over 80 fall annually.

Jackson is a nursing student but says she didn't necessarily need her training tonight. She says she was just doing what any other good neighbor would do.

"It's not because I'm in the medical field. It's just humanity," she said "What the world has come to, there is now compassion anymore."

But it was her compassion for a neighbor that may have saved Virginia's life.