Frigid temps mean restrictions on polar plungers

Polar plungers won't go all the way into the fridig waters on Saturday, as a health precaution

Hundreds of area residents plan to take a dip in frigid waters Saturday afternoon, to benefit charity, but their events' organizers are taking steps to ensure they don't come up with cases of hypothermia.

Because of the near-0 temperatures, and cold waters, there are extra restrictions:

At Baldwinsvilles Big Chill dip into the Seneca River, a State Police Dive Tea (in wet suits) will be in the water. The 150 Polar Plungers will only be allowed in the water a few at a time, instead of en masse, to ensure no one 'gets lost' in the crowd. The volunteers will also only be allowed in up to their waists, no swimming this year, to preserve body heat.

Skaneateles is also doing its 'Freezin' for a Reason' plunge at noon Saturday, from Clift Park's main pier. Again, event organizers will be keeping a close eye to ensure everyone goes in, and comes out of the water, safely.