From the archives: Inside the 'house of horrors' where Erin Maxwell was killed

From the archives: Inside the 'house of horrors' where Erin Maxwell was killed

About a year after 11-year-old Erin Maxwell's death, CNYCentral went inside the home where she lived - a home State Police called "appalling," and referred to others as a "house of horrors."

Investigators said the stench inside was overwhelming; more than 100 cats and other animals and piles of garbage were inside. The conditions were so poor, the SPCA had to be called to clear out the animals before the investigation into Maxwell's death could begin.

Even more shocking was the condition of Erin's bedroom. The door was cut off at the top - leaving a gap high enough for an adult to look in, but too high for a child to see out. The door was locked from the outside and was caged in by chicken wire with another lock on the gate.

It was in those conditions that Erin Maxwell lived, and where she had her life taken from her on August 29, 2008.

Less than nine years after her death, the man convicted of killing her could be released. Alan Jones, Erin's stepbrother, has a hearing before a parole board in June.

Oswego County DA Greg Oakes is urging that board to deny Jones parole, saying "his served sentence does not begin to hold him accountable for the horrendous nature of his crime."

Click on the video player at the top of this article to see our exclusive look inside the Maxwell home in 2009.

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