Frustrated homicide victim's family speaks for change in Syracuse

After Jason Willis was killed while riding his bicycle on Saturday morning, his family is now looking for answers, and a change in the dynamic of the Syracuse community. They have seen others in their own community hit by the increased violence that has taken place in the city this year, and with Willis' death, it hit them hard.

"It's always somebody else," Millie Webb, Jason Willis' grandmother says. "It's the last thing you think would happen, I just, never would have expected anything like this."

Now Webb and the rest of Willis' family is looking for change in Syracuse, to stop the violence from spreading to other families. They want elected officials to give kids and young adults a place to go, for more than just a few hours a day at a local youth center.

Tyrone Albright, Willis' cousin, says, "We need people that can give us the resources, people that can give us the money, people that can create the programs and support the programs and provide adequate staff for those programs, to give these kids something else to look forward to."

Webb says from the top to the bottom, more thought needs to be put into the children, and how their raised and educated, because she says that is what's causing the violence.