Frustration in Penn Yan after more floods hit


hey had just started to clean-up, when more rain pounded Penn Yan overnight.

Olivia Ellis, 19, has lived in Penn Yan her whole life.

"I teared up when I saw this happen because it really upsets me because I love it here. It's beautiful," says Ellis.

Sandbags sit on the side of Court Street to soak up water as neighbors like Megan Lafferty salvage what's left.

"Now were doing everything over again and a lot of the town is destroyed and that's sad because we have such a pretty town and now were going to have to fix everything," says Lafferty.

Downtown on Champlin Avenue, bulldozers are digging out cars from sinkholes while crews block off holes in the sidewalk.

The Owl's Nest on Seneca Street in downtown Penn Yan is one of the buildings that collapsed. It served many purposes over the years and sadly enough, most recently a new owner bought it, fixed it up over the winter with the hopes of it becoming a meeting room.

Down the road on Sheppard Street the ARC of Yates, where over 100 developmentally disabled people spend their days, is completely flooded out.

Ashley Walker still can't believe this is happening in her hometown.

"It's really sad to see that something like this can happen to our small town and you can't really do anything about it. Nobody can stop this weather," says Walker.