Frustrations, questions at Oneida flooding public meeting

More than 100 neighbors asked questions and voiced frustrations as a public meeting on Monday night about Friday's flooding in Oneida.

Cassy Carlson voiced her concerns about looting. "Someone attempted to break into my basement," said Carlson. "My basement has a foot of water in it. They could've ransacked my entire house. I can't get down there to lock my front door, but they can get down there to steal my TV?"

Others are concerned about safety. "I think they are really doing the best they can with safety first," said Marcia Rafte, displaced from her home. "But I'm safe. My husband is safe. My dogs are safe. Now I want to get back in and clean it up."

The city said it is working as quickly as possible, with FEMA already on the ground and house pumping underway. Informational pamphlets on recovery assistance were also available to neighbors at the meeting.

Andrea Grayer was allowed back into her home today to collect some belongings, and understands the city's focus on safety. "I was trying to do my good deed, get my children some clothing...and apparently I moved too fast and went right down the stairs," said Grayer. "So the mud is very, very treacherous in the area."

Both Oneida officials and Governor Cuomo say their next priority after public safety will be focusing on recovery efforts.