Fugitive from Arizona arrested in Clay after traffic search

Kyle Ritter

An Arizona man was arrested this morning in Clay by a fugitive task force which included the U.S. Marshallâ??s and Onondaga County Sheriffâ??s Office Warrants Unit.

Authorities say Kyle Ritter is wanted in Yavapai County, Arizona on several charges, including burglary, weapons offenses, gang-related charges and assault.

Ritter was staying with a friend in Clay, who authorities say had no idea that Ritter was a fugitive, according to the U.S. Marshallâ??s Service.

Ritter was arrested in Clay Wednesday morning following a traffic search. The area had been under surveillance, as authorities had received many tips on Ritterâ??s whereabouts.

Ritter had no weapon, and authorities say he has not been linked to any crimes in Central New York.

Ritter is awaiting extradition to Arizona in Onondaga County Court.