Fulton dealing with ammonia leak at K&N's Foods (old Birdseye)

The old Birdseye Plant in Fulton, now K & N Foods, had an ammonia leak Saturday morning

572 residents in Fulton were told to stay inside late Saturday morning, after an anydrous ammonia leak from the K&N Foods (the former Birdseye Plant). That order has been lifted as of 1:30 pm.

Of the four workers inside the food processing plant when the leak was reported, at 9:47 Saturday morning, 3 are fine and the fourth was taken to the hospital for treatment of eye irritation. All firefighters at the scene are ok.

Terry Bennett, Oswego County's Emergency Response Coordinator says a valve leak has been plugged, and the area is airing now.

The food processing plant is on Fulton's west side. The leak was near Route 3 (West Broadway).