Fulton man used crowbar to break into casket, steal human skulls

Craig Bradley / Courtesy: Oswego County Sheriff's Dept.

Oswego police are releasing more information about a Fulton man accused of stealing body parts from a cemetery back in 1995.

45-year-old Craig Bradley, of 39 Dutchess Lane, was arrested last Thursday on an active bench warrant, accusing him of failing to pay restitution for body stealing, a felony under the Public Health Law.

This bizarre story begins on August 8, 1995. Police say Bradley used a hammer and crowbar to break into an Oswego mausoleum on Mitchell Street. "Bradley then entered the mausoleum and used the same tools to break a hole in the concrete of one of the burial chambers, exposing the casket inside," Oswego police revealed in a news released issued to CNY Central. Police say Bradley then removed two human skulls from the wooden casket, which was badly decayed. Police later found the skulls at Bradley's home in Black Walnut trailer park on St. Rt. 104 East in Oswego.

He was arrested on September 26th, 1995 and charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass. The estimated cost to repair the mausoleum was $6,160, a fee police say, Bradley never repaid.

Police say the mausoleum held four bodies in separate burial chambers. It was a family mausoleum purchased in the mid 1800's. The last burial occurred there in 1916.

Bradley granted CNY Central an exclusive interview when this story came to light Tuesday. He tell us he was under the influence of drugs at the time. He thinks he's being unfairly targeted by Oswego Police.

Tuesday evening update:

In an exclusive interview with CNY Central, Craig Bradley says he is being unfairly targeted by Oswego Police.

Bradley, 45, was arrested last week for not paying restitution for a 1995 conviction of stealing human skulls from an Oswego graveyard.

Bradley says he hasn't paid restitution on seven previous occasions, and he is being made a spectacle of because he has had several disagreements with Oswego Police.

Bradley says one of those disagreements stems from him trying to notify police of an alleged sex offender in the neighborhood.

CNY Central spoke with Oswego Police Tuesday night. They say they will release more information regarding the case Wednesday morning.

Bradley says he hasn't been making his restitution payments because he hasn't had consistent work.

"Usually winter months, I'm laid off," Bradley says. "Winter months don't usually pay. Why it got so dramatic is beyond me."

Bradley says he was on the influence of heavy drugs at the time he dug up the skulls and is a different person than he was 16 years ago.

Original story from Tuesday morning:

A Fulton man is accused of stealing body parts from graves.

The details are still sketchy, but we know 45-year-old Craig Bradley, of 39 Dutchess Lane Apartment 4, was arrested on a bench warrant by Oswego Police for failure to pay restitution for body stealing and failure to appear in Oswego County Court.

Bradley was arrested last Thursday around 3:00 p.m. He was taken to the Oswego Police Department for further processing.

According to the Syracuse Post-Standard, in 1995 Bradley was accused of stealing two skulls from an Oswego cemetery mausoleum. He was sentenced to a fine and jail time.

This isn't the first time Bradley has made news headlines. In June of 2008, we told you on about a domestic dispute that led to Bradley's arrest. Deputies said Bradley hit and threatened a woman while they were in a car, then assaulted a woman inside a house by pushing her head into a toilet, urinating on her, punching and choking her and cutting her with a knife.

CNY Central contacted the Oswego Police Department Tuesday morning for more information on this case. Captain Michael Beckwith says that the department will issue an update Wednesday morning once the reports have been retrieved from the original case file. CNY Central will post this update once we receive it.