Fulton Mayor: Hate crime suspects previously made a threat on my doorstep

Colon, Alvarado, Hagan, Carpenter and Diaz/ Fulton Police

The five suspects accused of a brutal hate crime in Fulton are no strangers to police, according to the city's mayor.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward says the suspects in a Memorial Day weekend assault have a prior criminal history and are known to be violent.

Woodward says he was enraged when he first heard about the attack, and says such violence won't be tolerated. "People need to know that they can come and live here," says Woodward. "We're a diverse community we welcome everyone. All we ask is that you remain quiet and peaceful and neighborly."

Woodward says the hate crime has put a dark cloud over the city. The five men responsible, he says, are well known for causing trouble. Woodward says just a few weeks ago he found himself targeted by one of their threats. "Telling me on my doorstep that they were going to do something bad to my grandson," says Woodward.

The following people have each been charged, according to Fulton Police:

  • Angelo L. Colon Jr, age 21
  • Jordan L. Alvarado, age 20
  • Stephen M. Hagan, age 24
  • Joshua M. Carpenter, age 23
  • Dominic D. Diaz, age 16

The group is accused of getting into a physical fight with a victim on May 27. Police say it happened just after the Memorial Day fireworks in the victim's front yard; police say when the victim asked the suspects to leave they responded violently, using racial slurs as the beat the man in his own front yard.

It happened in the city's second ward, represented by Common Councilor David Ritchie, ho's lived and worked in Fulton all his life. "I don't think I ever recall a hate crime being here in the city of Fulton," said Ritchie. "Obviously we don't really want it here anymore. I'm glad the police department, you know, solved it quick."

Both Woodward and Ritchie hope the suspects are held accountable and a similar crime never happens again.

CNYCentral has filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to learn more about the backgrounds of the suspects.

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