Fulton Police Officer rescues woman, thanks to quick thinking by her 9 year old

Fulton Police Officer Gary Percival has bonded with Kiernan Oâ??Neil, after they saved his mother last summer. Both are honored with the Real Heroes Law Enforcement Award

Fulton Police Officer Gary Percival was on patrol last June, when he heard a call for an ambulance, and since he was nearby, he responded.

The call for help had come from 9 year old Kiernan Oâ??Neil, who had found his mother unconscious, could not find her cell phone, so ran to a neighborâ??s to call for help.

He says he learned to act, in school.

Officer Percival was first on the scene and found Jen Oâ??Neil not breathing, so for the first time in his 7 and a half years as a police officer, had to do CPR. Like many law enforcers, he gets a refresher course on emergency first aid every year, with many of the courses taught through the Red Cross.

Jen Oâ??Neil has recovered, and says she sees the Fulton Police in a whole new way after her rescue. Officer Percival has now become a buddy with her son Kiernan.

Officer Percival wishes more people would learn CPR, to save lives when its use is least expected.

Fulton Police Officer Gary Percival and Kiernan Oâ??Neil are honored with the 2013 Red Cross Real Heroes Law Enforcement Award

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