Fundraiser for Tom Dotterer won't directly benefit him

The fundraiser today was a success.

As Tom Dotterer, longtime CBA Baseball coach recovers from his injuries, family and friends came together to honor him at a fundraiser. Tom has been a longtime member with the Pastime Athletic Club and that community knew they could help him out. It took some coaxing from Tom's family for him to even have this event put on for him at Pastime.

John Falge is one of Tom's cousin's, but is also on the board with the Pastime Club. "We had to argue with him to do this. He said he certainly wasn't worthy of it and other people were more worthy than him to have something done, but that's the kind of person he is," says Falge.

There were over 100 people in attendance to show their support. Tom's son Henry was one of them. "First and foremost, it's a great show of support for him. He really appreciated that people would put this on."

Everything raised today will go to benefit the McMahon-Ryan Child Advocacy Center right here in Syracuse. With all of his time spent with young lives on the baseball field, this decision makes sense to his family and friends.


Tom, in reality, is one of the most humble human beings you'd want to meet and he has helped literally thousands of young adults become better people through sports

," says Falge.

Sam Grillo has been a member for many years with the Pastime Athletic Club. "He's influenced so many youngsters and so many young people who I am sure are better citizens today, than before they met Tom Dotterer," says Grillo.

Jim Barbetta is the Vice-President of the Pastime Athletic Club. "Y

ou can ask any of the 500 people who have come through the door so far and they'll tell you the same story, he's just a great man

," says Barbetta.