Fundraising extension needed for Jamesville-Dewitt turf project

A local fundraising group called the J-D Community Grounds for Action Coalition is hoping for a fundraising extension from the Jamesville-DeWitt Board of Education, as it continues raising money for a turf field at the high school.

The group will be presenting new rendering and architect plans to the Board of Education the week of May 20. Fundraising for the $1.6 million-dollar project was supposed to be completed by April 21, but the group is asking for an extension through October 1.

Parents and students both hope the project receives the funding it needs. "I think it would just really boost the morale," said parent Rick Austin. "We've got a great lacrosse program. The football program is up-and-coming...It would enhance everything."

Senior lacrosse player Lucas Johnson said he has gone to other schools to practice on their turf fields, and wants the same at his school. "It's kind of disappointing because I take a lot of pride in our school and our community, and I want us to be the best in everything," said Johnson. "And that's like the one area, not having a turf, that puts us behind everyone else."

The money will also go toward installing a new track and new lights on the athletic field. The fundraising coalition hopes to begin installing the new field in Spring 2014, so athletes can use it beginning Fall 2014.

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