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Newhouse graduate public relations students at Syracuse University.

When I walked into a graduate level public relations class at the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University the first thing I did after sitting at the table in front was pull out my smartphone and snapped a picture. I then checked in with the photo on FourSquare which sent the photo to Twitter and Facebook. I wondered how long it would take for one of the ever so sharp students to find the Tweet and respond. The answer: two minutes, one person.

By the time two of my colleagues in journalism had given their five minute introductory remarks two other students had joined our Twitter conversation. We were introducing ourselves, shaking hands and acknowledging each other. When I began my remarks I already knew the names and faces of Kate, Geoff and Chelsea. I went on to utilize this example of the power of social media to stress the importance of public relations people making real connections with journalists. Those connections can make all the difference in creating a win win relationship where the public relations person gets her story told, but a news person also produces a legitimate journalistic effort.

Scott Willis of WAER, Steve Billmyer from the Post-Standard and Kevin Tampone of the CNY Business Journal and I were on the panel offering insight into how newsrooms work. It's a bit of a turn of the table where the news people get to teach the p.r. people some of the secrets of the trade. I found it an energizing session that forced me to reflect and share stories of our ever changing business. Sharp minds were engaged and listening.

Here is a sample of the Twitter conversation that unfolded during the class. It was pleasure to put some names with the faces in the room. I appreciate the note taking by the students whether on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or with a pen and paper.

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"There is constant integration and Twitter is leading the way" media panel

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Twitter is leading the way for current information

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thank you for talking to my PR class today. It was great seeing another alum in today!




gave some amazing insight into the mind of a journalist today! Really helped my senses

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