GALLERY | High-flying dogs make a splash in Clayton

GALLERY | High-flying dogs make a splash in Clayton

This weekend dogs are putting on quite a show in Clayton.

A sizable crowd was on hand at Frink Park Saturday to watch the pups compete in the Seaway Splash.

The competition features dogs of all sizes competing in one of two competitions. One is simply called "Splash," the other is something most dogs are more than happy do: "Fetch It."

A 20,000 gallon pool plays host to the competition with the St. Lawrence River as a backdrop.

The end-goal for the dogs is always the same: jump further than anyone else. The "Splash" competition is straight-forward; all the dog needs to do is jump as far as they can. "Fetch It" has a twist; a toy is dangled four feet above the water and must be knocked off by the dog. As the event goes on, the toy is moved further and further out until only one dog is able to reach it.

Seaway Splash kicked off Friday and continued through Saturday; it wraps up Sunday, with events beginning at 9 a.m. and concluding with the final competition at 4 p.m.

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