Gas leak at SUNY Cortland shouldnâ??t impact Jetsâ?? arrival

A gas line was accidently hit during construction at SUNY Cortland on Thursday morning, but it should not impact the Jetsâ?? arrival and training camp, officials say.

SUNY Cortland Public Relations Director Fred Pierce says three buildings were evacuated as a precaution due to the gas leak: Moffet Hall, Old Main and Sperry Hall.

Pierce says the immediate danger is over and the leak has been contained. NYSEG was on campus checking the buildings for gas.

The location of the leak, Pierce says, is in a separate area of the campus from the athletic complex, where the Jetsâ?? camp will be held.

The Jets are scheduled to arrive in Cortland on Thursday afternoon. Training camp begins on Friday.

If you plan to attend any of the practices,

there are a few new procedural changes to take note of