Geddes mom says city needs to do better job clearing snow around handicapped spots

Downtown handicapped meter covered in snow.

Battling multiple sclerosis while raising two kids is the least of Jennifer Rienhardt's concerns.

"The biggest problem is finding a parking spot to drop my ramp and go about my business," says Rienhardt.

Rienhardt uses a modified van which has a ramp that drops down on the passenger side, so being able to park in a handicapped spot is crucial, but it's been difficult this winter season.

"It seems handicapped spots tend to be the most neglected as far as clearing of spots," says Rienhardt.

When taking her children to the MOST in downtown Syracuse Thursday, the meter in front of the handicapped spot was covered by a snow bank. If her husband hadn't been with her, she doesn't know how she would have paid the meter.

"They keep all the other meters uncovered but here's the meter specifically for the handicapped spot and it's buried. And then when he came into the MOST he was soaked from climbing the snow pile so he was not happy," says Rienhardt.

To add insult to injury, she got a parking ticket for not having a receipt displayed on her windshield.

Her husband has written a letter to Mayor Miner demanding answers. The city tells CNYCentral they are responsible for clearing the snow from old meters but drivers can also use the new pay stations. In this case, the closest one was free of snow.

"They want more business coming downtown and we love going downtown. My kids love the MOST. We love going to the restaurants. But it has to be accessible," says Rienhardt.

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