Geothermal energy: good for home heating?

Geothermal energy is as old as the earth but more people are now using it as a renewable energy source. Recent technological advancements have made it easier for homeowners to harness the energy from the earth to heat and cool their homes.

Ellis Guiles of Tag Mechanical Heating and Cooling says homeowners using geothermal can cut their energy costs by up to 70 percent. The company, which just finished installing a geothermal system in a house in Lyncourt, says more customers are turning to geothermal energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The cost to install a geothermal system in a home ranges from $30,000 to $40,000 but Guiles says homeowners can qualify for up to $9,000 in incentives.

Guiles says geothermal energy is attractive to many homeowners because of the long range energy savings, the low carbon footprint from using geothermal as a fuel source, and the resale value installing a geothermal system can bring to a home.

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