Getting healthy for the New Year is a possible feat, one man shares his inspiring weight loss story

It's hard to believe but John Cassano weighed more than 300 pounds last year than he decided to do something about it.

"I just had enough probably the first time i said I'm gonna lose 100 pounds before the end of 2013," he says.

Jeramy Freeman owner of Well Rounded Health and Fitness says if your New Year's Resolution is to lose weight you are not alone.

"Most people over eat. They gorge, they drink too much and gain that extra weight so when the New Year comes around they're ready for a resolution. Ninety eight percent of all New Year's Resolutions fail. The key to losing weight is to set a goal, come up with a plan and stick with it," he says.

â??You gotta have a goal and it's gotta be a goal that excites you. Than lay out a plan and move toward that goal," he says.

That's exactly what John Cassano did and he lost more than one hundred pounds and twenty pounds.

The key he says is having the courage to take the first step. "You have got to get over that fear and walk through those doors. You have just got to want it," he says.