Getting ready for another round of snow in CNY

FULTON, N.Y. -- Even though many people living in Central New York are use to heavy snowfalls, it can start to become a hazard when more is on its way.

Oswego County had already seen quite a bit of snow from the last storm that hit the area, but more is on the way.

Piles of snow can been seen around the city of Fulton, some even as large as five feet tall. Although, piles this big have some people worrying where all the new snow will go.

One local said he already saw crews out the past few days trying to downsize the snow piles that have accumulated so drivers don't have any difficulty seeing while out on the roads.

A lake effect snow advisory is in effect through Thursday night, which means the snow piles might be growing by a few inches.

On Thursday afternoon, the lake effect snow will start to slow down but in the meantime Central New York can expect to see anywhere from four to eight inches of new snow.

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