Getting rid of household hazardous waste

Neighbors in Onondaga county with household hazardous waste will have greater access to drop-off times thanks to a new partnership between OCRRA and Environmental Products and Services (EPS) of Vermont. What used to be only 3 days a year, is now a Monday-Friday 6:30 am to 6 pm affair, by appointment, at the State Fair Blvd. drop-off site.

Kristen Lawton, Public Information Officer for OCRRA, describes the process. â??It's really simple, we ask you to kind take a look at what you have. So gather your materials together that you want to dispose of properly, and then visit the OCRRA website and you can make an appointment there. And you'll need to tell us your contact information and also a rough idea of what you're bringing in. All you need to do is bring your paper work, which you'll get from your confirmation email, and bring it into the building, and they'll send somebody out and they'll unload your vehicle for you."

Kevin Lynch, Health and Safety Manager at EPS, further describes the process. â??The next step is for them to properly package that material. They want to have a cap or cover on those containers. Sometimes they may have to use duct tape to hold that cap on so when they transport it here, it's transported safely. We like to have them in a cardboard box with newspapers between the containers to keep the containers from interacting with each other."

Kevin tells me the best way to reduce waste in the first place, is to be more mindful of our purchasing.

â??We're all guilty of painting the living room, and getting 4 gallons of paint, because we may wanna touch up that living room later on if there's a scrape or scratch on the wall. So all that paint sits in the basement.â??

Speaking of paint, OCRRA would like to remind everyone that only oil-based paints are considered hazardous waste. Latex, or water-based paints, can simply be dried up with cat litter and tossed in the normal garbage.