Ghost Hunters episode featuring 1890 House Museum airs Wednesday

The Ghost Hunters are back in Central New York! This time the SyFy Networkâ??s resident spook specialists are visiting the 1890 House Museum in Cortland, according to the 1890 House Facebook page.

As a long time board member, Harry Weston was the first to take an interest in the paranormal activity inside the home which belonged to Chester Wickwire, an industrialist from the late 1800s. He calls the spirits the permanent residents.

"I have experienced them only with the use of a crystal where I can contact different spirits," says Weston.

Some other signs are fingerprints found on the walls of a maid's bedroom in October 2009. Also at a Spirits in the Castle event, while the guests went downstairs to enjoy refreshments, an audio recorder was left in the 3rd floor ballroom. Among the recordings was the sound of the clicking of pool balls, even though there was only one ball on the table.

Not everyone is a believer. Michael Pizzola, the President of the Board of the 1890 House Museum has a different fear.

"Myself, personally I have kids. Some of them love to come here and now they're scared to come. I don't want that to happen. I want people to know it's a warm and inviting place," says Pizzola.

Everyone is embracing the publicity and hoping it will make a lasting impact. The spirits in this old home may be dead, but the hope is they'll help bring the house back to life.

The Ghost Hunters are no strangers to the strange in Upstate New York, visiting the likes of the Rochester Public Library, Fort Ontario in Oswego, and an Underground Railroad house in Skaneateles among many others.

The episode will air Wednesday February 6th at 9pm on SyFy.