Ghost Hunters find evidence of three spirits at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park

Sylvan Beach

Ghost Hunters titled the episode of the show featuring Sylvan Beach "Scream Park." The hosts were asked by the park's owner to look for three spirits: Abby, Scottie and Jack. Click here to watch the video preview of the show.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society, spent about a week at Sylvan Beach last September. The Utica Observer Dispatch did an interview with Ghost Hunter To Britt Griffith, "If something stays the same, some spirits stay too. That's their home," Griffith said. "Jack, who stayed in the Royal Hotel, that's where he loved to be. Abby, who was a child, what better place to be than an amusement park?"

The Ghost Hunters' analysis turned up evidence of a voice they believe is the spirit of Jack, as well as a knocking sound they think is his spirit. In Play Land the investigators heared a whistle they believe was trying to get their attention.

In Treasure Land, there was another whistle sound - which the investigators believe was Scottie who was a worker at the park.

The Ghost Hunters detemined the spirits are lingering in the park but are not dangerous - they are sticking around because they loved being there during their lives.