Giant pacific octopus exhibit opens for all to see

New Octopus at the zoo.


ne of the most intelligent animals in the ocean has made its way to the Syracuse Zoo. Officials unveiled its new Pacific Octopus Exhibit, the first of its kind in Upstate New York.

The Octopus has a large brain and has the unique ability to blend in among rocks and coral. It learns by watching and can even use objects as tools. There are also several species of fish and sea stars in the exhibit as well.

Ted Fox is the director for the zoo. "

Once the word was out with some of our materials kind of eluding to the fact that we might get an octopus. That's all we heard is when's it coming what's it look like, what's its name and all the other things that folks want to know about

," says Fox.

The construction, installation and reveal of the exhibit will be featured on an upcoming episode of the national geographic show "Fish Tank Kings." We do not know when it is scheduled to air.