Gillette Road Middle School closing due to high winds

The North Syracuse Central School district says it will be sending students and staff home from Gillette Road Middle School at 9:45 a.m. Thursday due to concerns of high winds.

The other schools in the North Syracuse Central School District will remain open.

The district says it made the decision as part of their wind monitoring plan, which calls for action when wind speeds are expected to be 50 mph or higher.

The district says it established the wind monitoring plan as a safety precaution in 2011 upon being notified that some exterior walls at the Gillette Road Middle School building were improperly installed when the building was renovated in 2005. There is the potential for safety glass to become unstable when winds exceed 75 mph.

The district says it is involved in litigation with the architects and certain contractors to remedy the defect.

The school will open as scheduled on Friday.