Girl, 12 sexually assaulted inside Syracuse school

Three teenage boys have been charged with unlawful imprisonment after sexually assaulting a 12 year-old girl in a bathroom at H.W. Smith. On Thursday, the District responded with this statement: "The school did notify the police and the administration also did an internal investigation. The findings of the school investigation resulted in 2 Superintendent hearings. Both of these students are now out serving long term suspensions and are not in school," wrote Michael Hennessey, District Spokesman.

Sergeant Tom Connellan says two thirteen-year old boys and and a fourteen year-old boy are being charged with unlawful imprisonment after forcing the girl into a boys bathroom on November 6. One of the thirteen year-old boys is also charged with forcible touching. Connellan says the boy harassed the girl and tried to 'grind' on her.

Connellan says the girl tried to escape the bathroom, but the other boys held the door shut. The boys' names will not be released because of their age.

The investigation began when the girl reported the incident to the school. The school then notified the police.

The first public mention of the assault came out during a public hearing on an interim code of conduct for the Syracuse City School District Wednesday night.

H.W. Smith PTO president Heidi Teska mentioned the sexual assault while speaking at the hearing about her concerns regarding the code of conduct.

Officials say all three boys were suspended from the school for more than five days.

The boys were issued juvenile appearance tickets and released to their guardians.