Google Plus vs. Facebook: Which will you use?

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You woke up to new choices in the ever-expanding world of social media this morning.

In a bid to rival Facebook, the Google-Plus social network is now available to everyone. Google was testing the site for the last 12 weeks, and it reportedly attracted 10 million users in the first two weeks.

There are no official figures from Google, but estimates put it at 25 million total users thanks mostly to its system of letting members invite friends to join. Numbers are expected to grow even faster now that anybody can sign up.

The company also added a search capability to Google Plus that will let users sift through posts on the site.

Google Plus is the online search leader's attempt to compete with Facebook, by far the world's most populous online social network with more than 750 million users.

Google also made Plus's "Hangouts" feature which lets users video chat with multiple people at a time. It's available on smartphones with front-facing cameras. There's also a new service called "Hangouts On Air," which lets users broadcast their videos online or view these videos as spectators.

The buildup surrounding Google-Plus comes amid new changes to challenger Facebook. Judging by early reaction online, it appears users aren't thrilled with the changes.

Facebook added a "Top Stories" section based on how often a user logs in. It also incorporated a news ticker with instant status updates from friends. Instead of choosing between "Top Stories" and "Most Recent" posts, users have a selection of Top Stories from a select timeframe, then scroll down for fresher updates.

More changes are expected to be unveiled on Friday.

The overwhelming response to the changes? Negative. Here's what some people posted on the Facebook blog:

"To put it simply, I hate the new format," one person said.

Despite the timing coincidence for rolling out the changes, Facebook insists the new features have nothing to do with Google Plus.

What do you think about the new Facebook changes? Will you switch to Google Plus? Where do you see this world of social media evolving over the next five years? Leave your thoughts below.

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