Gov. Cuomo makes big push to strengthen abortion rights in NY, part of agenda for women's rights

Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a bill Tuesday that details of his women's rights proposal for the first time since he announced the initiative six months ago.

A large coalition of activists is rallying and lobbying in Albany for a 10-point women's rights proposal. They're calling for equality for women in the work place and stronger laws against discrimination and human trafficking for child prostitution, along with strengthening abortion rights.

As part of the bill, Cuomo will begin his big move to strengthen abortion rights in New York state by trying to portray any opponents to it as opposing the Roe v. Wade court decision that made abortion legal.

Cuomo says he simply wants to put federal protections under the Roe v. Wade decision into state law in case the U.S. Supreme Court overturns the landmark decision that made abortion legal.

But opponents say it's unnecessary and would expand abortion.

The abortion provision is part of Cuomo's 10-point agenda for women's rights, but the only one with significant opposition. It threatens the entire agenda, which Cuomo says he won't accept without the abortion piece.

According to the Governor's website, the 10-Point proposal aims to:

â?? Protect a Womanâ??s Freedom of Choice

â?? Achieve Pay Equity

â?? Stop Sexual Harassment in All Workplaces

â?? Allow for the Recovery of Attorneysâ?? Fees in Employment and Credit and Lending Cases

â?? Strengthen Human Trafficking Laws

â?? End Family Status Discrimination

â?? Stop Source-of-Income Discrimination

â?? Stop Housing Discrimination for Victims of Domestic Violence

â?? Stop Pregnancy Discrimination Once and For All

â?? Protect Victims of Domestic Violence by Strengthening Order-of-Protection Laws