Gov. Cuomo visits DeWitt to pitch property tax freeze and government consolidation

Governor Cuomo came to Central New York Tuesday to push his plan to freeze and cut property taxes.

Cuomo said New York State currently has some of the highest property taxes in the nation, and is losing both residents and businesses to other states.

To help change that, the governor is proposing a 2% property tax cut for homeowners and businesses, but only if local governments agree to consolidate or share services.

â??New York State cannot afford to be the tax capital of the nation any longer â?? our homeowners need real property tax relief,â?? Cuomo said. â??Over the past few weeks we have heard from hundreds of local officials all across the state who recognize the need for property tax reform and have made their voices heard in support of this agenda. I urge the State Legislature to stand with them by cutting property taxes this year, so that we can take the next step toward a more affordable and more prosperous New York.â??

Cuomo says New Yorkers will be eligible for property tax relief if their local governments stay within the property tax cap. The freeze will continue to provide relief to New Yorkers if their local governments remain within the property tax cap and also take steps to consolidate and share services with the goal of reducing costs. The governor says approximately 207,000 Central New York homeowners could benefit by year two of his proposal, saving an average of $215 per home.

Cuomo was joined at the press event by Onondaga County resident Chris Haywood, who said, â??This out-of-control tax burden cuts into how much my wife and I are able to spend on basic essentials like groceries, school supplies, and college funds for our four children. That is why Iâ??m supporting the Governorâ??s proposal to cut property taxes. It will mean hundreds of dollars in savings to families like mine, and is something that the legislature needs to pass this year.â??

Several local officials were also present to lend their support, including Onondaga County Executive Joanie Mahoney, County Legislator Danny Liedka, and DeWitt Town Supervisor Ed Michalenko.