Governor shuts down Interstates declares State of Emergency due to winter storm

Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency across New York State due to the winter storm that is sweeping through this afternoon and this evening. The governor posted on his Twitter account just before 4:00 pm urging drivers to stay off the road.

The Tompkins County Director of Emergency Response clarified the Governor's state of emergency, saying it is intended to make state resources available for support efforts wherever they may be needed in the state.

However, it does not mean there is any local emergency. In Tompkins County, no local emergencies or orders have been issued and all roads remain open.

The primary focus of the most significant problems is downstate. The Long Island Expressway, Interstate 84 and Interstate 87-S are being shutdown as of midnight tonight. They are not expected to reopen until 5:00 a.m. for the Friday morning commute.

The blizzard conditions present in some areas is making for dangerous travel throughout much of New York State.

There are several other travel alerts across Central New York over the next 24 hours. Winter weather warnings will continue through Friday.