Governor urges recall of Clingy Darts due to chemical danger to children

New York State is calling on the federal government to recall a toy called "Clingy Darts" because of possible chemical dangers to infants and children.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is urging theConsumer Product Safety Commission to recall the toy because they contain levels of DEHP that are six times the federally allowable limit. Phthalate Di(2-ethylhexyl) is known to be a reproductive and developmental toxin in animals. There is also serious concern about human exposure to DEHP.

The toys are made by Greenbrier International of Virginia. They are sold in New York State at Dollar Tree stores.

If anyone has the â??Clingy Dartsâ?? at home, they can dispose of them by simply throwing them in the garbage, or they can choose to set them aside in a safe area and await any future recall instructions, which may or may not include a refund component.

You can reach New York's Consumer Product Safety Commission for more details.