Graduating Baldwinsville teen denied from attending senior ball

Tyler Monica prepares to go to Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall after graduating high school year.

Tyler Monica is a junior at Baker High School in Baldwinsville, graduating this year as a junior. He will be attending Rochester Institute of Technology in the fall.

Tyler recently tried to purchase two tickets to his senior ball, but was told he cannot go because he's a junior.

"They said it wasn't the district policy," said Tyler. "Because I wasn't a senior, I couldn't go."

Tyler's Dad, Mike Monica, spoke with Baldwinsville Superintendent Jeanne Dangle, who, he says, left Tyler only one option. "If I want to make him a senior, she will, but then he will not graduate," said Mike Monica. "Because technically, if he's a senior, he needed a gym class. But as a junior accelerated, he does not. And that would affect him possibly graduating. To me, I thought that was a threat."

Tyler says he was even given a packet months ago to fundraise for senior ball. He now feels he is being punished for his academic excellence.

"I think it's pretty dumb, considering I should be technically a senior," said Tyler. "I'm graduating with everyone. I'm going on the stage with them. They gave me the packet to fundraise for seniors. I feel like they considered me a senior in every aspect besides for this one."

The Monicas say dozens of people have called up the school to complain, hoping it gets the district to change its mind.

According to Baldwinsville superintendent Jeannne Dangle, she has checked with staff and it's her understanding the student, Tyler Monica, bought a ticket to the senior ball on May 3. Dangle says no one has denied him access to the dance.

We again reached out to Tyler and Mike Monica, who said Tyler did not a buy a ticket to the dance from the school. According to Tyler's dad, Mike Monica, a senior friend purchased a guest ticket for Tyler because Tyler was unable to buy tickets directly. Mike Monica added that Tyler could not find a second senior to buy a guest ticket for his date before the deadline passed to purchase guest tickets.

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