Grandson charged in woman's murder

A Syracuse man is charged with killing his own grandmother. Paris Hart IV, 20, pleaded not guilty in court Friday morning and is being held without bail.

Police were back at the scene investigating Friday, continuing to collect evidence on Mountainview Drive. That's where Nanette Hart, 67, lived with her grandson, Paris IV. He's now charged with killing his own grandmother, leaving neighbors in disbelief. "Shocking. Very surprised because she was a sweet lady," said Dorsey Weeks, a neighbor. Weeks didn't know the grandson well, but can't even begin to understand what would allegedly lead Paris to take his own grandmother's life. "Super shock. Super shock," Weeks said. "I don't know what to think on that one because it's sad enough to find out when someone else does something like that, but when it's family, I just don't know what to say on something like that."

Nanette was reported missing Thursday and police later found her abandoned car. Then, they started talking to Paris, who told them he tried to get money from his grandma to pay back drug and gambling debts. But when his grandma wouldn't give him money, he allegedly attacked. "He then strikes the grandmother. An altercation occurs," said Syracuse Police Chief Gary Miguel. "She goes down and after striking her, he gets on top of her, maintains his extensive weight on her, making it difficult to breath until he states she stops breathing."

Police say Hart later told them he dumped his grandma's body behind the garage at a home on Westmoreland Avenue. Police don TMt know yet if debts are the true motive behind this crime, or if there were even debts to begin with.

What we do know is that Hart is behind bars, charged with 2nd degree murder. It's left a local family and countless neighbors wondering why. "I'll just remember her as being a sweet lady," said neighbor Dorsey Weeks.


Police have arrested the 20 year old grandson of Nanette Hart for the murder of the 67 year old Syracuse woman. Hart's body was found yesterday behind the garage of a home she owned at 421 Westmoreland Avenue in Syracuse. Paris Hart the 4th is charged with second degree murder. Police say the suspect has lived with the grandmother at her Mountainview Avenue home since the summer.

Investigators say Nanette Hart was murdered Wednesday after her grandson asked her for money. According to statements he gave to police, Paris hart claimed his grandmother said she would discuss the matter later. The grandson then uttered an obscenity and Nanette Hart slapped him. Paris Hart then attacked his grandmother, knocking her down and pressing down on her till she stopped breathing. He then hid her body behind the garage at the Westmoreland home.

Police were first contacted Thursday, because a family member was not able to reach Hart. Also on Thursday, DeWitt police responding to a noise complaint outside a fitness center discovered a car belonging to Nanette Hart, its keys left on the ground and a dog circling the vehicle barking. That dog turned out to belong to Paris Hart the 4th. When Syracuse police first brought Hart in for questioning, he told investigators that he owed people money for gambling and drug debts, and he believed she had been kidnapped.