Grant Middle School in Syracuse locked down after student brings air gun to school

Grant Middle School

Grant Middle School in Syracuse was locked down Wednesday morning after police say a student brought an air gun to school.

Onondaga County 911 says a call came in at approximately 7:49 a.m. for a â??suspiciousâ?? incident at the school, located on Grant Boulevard. Syracuse Police spokesman Sgt. Tom Connellan confirms a 14-year-old male brought an air gun - also known as a BB gun - onto school grounds.

Connellan says the student was taken into police custody, and will likely be charged. He did not specify the nature of the charges at this time.

The lockdown was lifted around 8:25 a.m. There are no reports of any injuries.

Wednesday afternoon, the district issued a statement on the incident. It reads:

"A student at Grant Middle School brought a BB gun to school today and showed it to other students prior to the start of school. The students immediately brought it to the attention of a staff member. The Syracuse Police Department was notified and the school implemented the stay in place drill until the student and the BB gun were found.

This incident comes

on the heels of a report Tuesday

that a second grade student at McKinley-Brighton Elementary School on West Newell Street brought an unloaded handgun into the school. Police say an eight-year-old boy and a friend were playing with the .22 caliber handgun in the lunchroom when a staff member spotted the student with the weapon and immediately confiscated it. No one was injured and the school was not locked down.

Syracuse Schools Superintendent Sharon Contreras says other students at Grant Middle School alerted teachers that a student brought a BB gun onto school grounds. At McKinley Brighton Elementary, Contreras says she believes the second grader who brought an unloaded handgun to school thought it was a toy. That second grade student could still be suspended and Contreras said it is difficult to hold a young child responsible for something an adult could have prevented.

"It is very disturbing because I know he did not go out and purchase a gun, that he got the gun from an adult. And I think that adult needs to be held responsible," said Contreras.

In an afternoon meeting with reporters, Contreras praised teachers and staff at McKinley Brighton Elementary, Grant Middle School and Nottingham High School who she said responded "quickly and appropriately" to recent incidents.

"Certainly schools can not escape this. What we can do is make sure we have the proper procedures in place to make sure our staff and students are safe and secure," said Contreras.

Right now middle and high school students in Syracuse are randomly screened with metal detectors on some days. Elementary school students are not. Contreras says the district is considering options for more security and more screening.