Greece school bus monitor tormented by students, video spreads around the web

Video of a Greece school bus monitor being harassed by students make its way around the web and outraged viewers Wednesday.

The videos show over 10 minutes of students relentlessly harassing the school bus monitor, Karen Klein. At one point, she is shown with tears in her eyes. WHAM reports that Klein has worked in the Greece School District for 20 years.

According to WHEC in Rochester, the incident is under investigation by the Greece School District and Greece Police Department. Officials are working to identify the students. The school says the students involved will face disciplinary action and the districtâ??s Bullying Response and Prevention Team "has been activated."

CBS reports that the Greece School District is holding news conference at 1 p.m. Thursday to discuss whether students will be punished for bullying school bus monitor Klein on Monday.

Klein, a grandmother of eight who lives in Greece, said she learned of the video Wednesday morning via Facebook and watched it at the district's bus garage.

Klein said she didn't report Monday's incident to her supervisor because the school year was nearly over. She also said she did not feel threatened and that the kids "weren't always that bad."

According to WHAM, police are deciding if charges should be pressed against the Greece Athena Middle school students.

A WHAM repoter interviewed Klein, who said it was the comment, "you're so ugly your kids should kill themselves," that pained her the most; Klein's son took his own life 10 years ago.

Klein told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that she, "was just trying to ignore them and hope they would go away."

The video has caused outrage on the web where it was posted to Reddit for viewers to voice their furry.

On the other hand, a web page called "Help the bus lady" and a Facebook page called "Avenging the Bus Monitor" have popped up in support of Klein. It's even made it to the homepage of Mashable and a hash tag, #BusMonitor, is circulating on Twitter.

A campaign has started to raise money to send Klein on a vaction. The listed goal was $5000, and by midnight on Wednesday the campaign had raised more than $95,000. The originator of the fund promises all that money will go to Klein. Now a vacation may turn into a retirement plan. There's still 30 days left to contribue to the campaign.

Klein appeared on NBC's Today Show on Thursday morning.