Green Beer comes to Coleman's Irish Pub

Green beer has come to Coleman's.

In a community within a city where the green light reigns supreme. Syracuse's Tipp Hill was taken over by a parade on Sunday afternoon including bagpipers, drummers and step dancers. This parade is the unofficial start to the Saint Patrick's Holiday season.

Peter Coleman is the former owner and operator of Coleman's Irish Pub on Tipp Hill. "There's not too many places in Syracuse that can get two thousand people, it really does, it brings the neighborhood together. Plus there's people all over from here. And anytime you do anything for over 50 years, that's pretty good," says Coleman.

Many neighbors like Parry Marvin view this parade as a way to come together with the rest of their Irish community. "It is so unique and it is so wonderful and we're so proud to have an area like this that we can celebrate out heritage," says Marvin.

For others like Kathy Rafte, Sunday is still about the anticipation of what comes after the parade, the delivery of green beer at Coleman's Irish Pub. "It's just the spirit of St. Patrick's Day coming early for everyone coming out to enjoy the green beer," says Rafte.

Even thought it may not look like beer, Coleman says it is definitely the real deal. "Saying that's not real is like taking Santa Claus out of Christmas. It's real, it tastes great and we've got plenty of it," says Coleman.