Green beer rolls into Syracuse's Tipp Hill

It's a sign St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. A yearly tradition took place Sunday on Syracuse's Tipp Hill.

"I come all the way from south Buffalo, it's fun, a lot of fun," said Kelly Espersen.

What's commonly known as Green Beer Sunday, started off with a parade. The route is short, just two blocks. The parade includes Irish step dancers and bag pipe players. It ends with a big tanker of green beer, 8,600 gallons, which pulls up to Coleman's Irish Pub.

"We now have a lot tradition in this green beer stuff," said Peter Coleman, owner of Coleman's Irish Pub. "It brings the neighborhood together and half of the city really."

For people like Mary Espersen it's really a community event. She said, "You can see all the little kids here, it's a family event, something to do in the middle of winter."

A nd while C oleman has been doing this year after year , he's now looking into passing the tradition down.

" I think my sons are going to take over now ," Coleman said. " Maybe I'll just join the bag pipers, get low key. I've had a great run ."

Coleman said the green been should last through St. Patrick's Day.