Green Party candidate launches campaign for Syracuse mayor

Dr. Kevin Bott launches mayoral campaign

A day after the democratic primary for Syracuse mayor, another candidate formally launched his campaign.

Dr. Kevin Bott stood on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday to announce that he will run on the green party line.

Bott serves as the associate director of Imagining America, a national higher education consortium headquartered at Syracuse University.

He says he plans to focus on poverty, jobs and the economy, education, crime and more.

Bott says he's the most qualified candidate to address the city's challenges. He graduated from Rutgers University and earned a masterâ??s degree and doctoral degree from New York University.

Bott says addressing the Syracuseâ??s problems requires leadership and a change in priorities. "Albert Einstein once said that â??problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.â?? I would bring a wholly different approach to the mayorâ??s office. The kind of leadership that can bring us out of this mess might look very different from the kind that got us into it," Dr. Bott said.

Bott says his plan to address the city's economic issues involves calling on the state to honor the revenue sharing plan, working with other mayors to demand state revenue sharing, seeking authorization for Syracuse to have levy a local income tax, and focusing on the creation of worker-owned businesses.

On crime, Bott says, it "will decline when jobs return to the city and when police and residents come together to solve the same problem, humanely and with mutual respect."

Bott also plans to focus on local education reform with "locally-grounded curriculum."

Mayor Stephanie Miner won the Democratic primary on Tuesday night.