Grocery store set to open in Armory Square by the end of the month

Alamo's Market on Walton Street in Armory Square is set to open at the end of November.

Many would say it's the missing puzzle piece in Armory Square. Now, a father and son from New York City are bringing in what this community has been asking for, a downtown grocery store.

John O'Neil Heard says it's exactly what the area needs.

"Long overdue. I think it's something this area needs a lot. Helps make it more of a community," says Heard.

Adnan Alammo is opening Alamo's Market with his father, who also owns several similar stores in New York City.

"It's going to have fresh vegetables, fruits, hopefully local, meat, cold cuts," says Alammo.

The location on Walton Street is still under construction, but in a few weeks the shelves will be stocked with essentials, organic products, and eventually a deli with a mediterranean flair.

"I just want people to know that this is for them, to help them out. We want to feel like we belong in this area," says Alammo.

With his photography studio across the street, Anatoli Truskalo can't wait for his neighbors to officially move in.

"I think it's a perfect fit. It's overdue and I'm just thrilled. I know they'll do well," says Truskalo.

It's a concept that's been tried before. A similar store called CL Evers failed after four years downtown, but there is renewed hope that this time it will be different.

"It's been tried before but not in as central a location as here. With all the development happening downtown and the people moving down here I think a grocery store is really needed," says Cecelia Rene Cannon, who works downtown.

In the next few days, the refrigeration and plumbing will be installed in the store and then Alamo's market hopes to open its doors by the end of the month.